Rules & Information

Rules / Things to Know

  • The person who booked this stay with us is responsible for telling everyone on the property (staying and visiting) the following rules.

  • The ceiling fan closest to kitchen sink is controlled by a white remote on the wall next to the kitchen door. The 2nd fan light works manually. Pull the chain in the center of it to turn on/off.

  • The porch lights are on the left wall just inside the patio door.

  • Light for upstairs is at the bottom of the stairs and on the wall left of the T.V.

  • To use dryer and door won’t shut, move the metal latch over and close the door.

  • The games on the patio and in the red cabinet are for your use. Please put them neatly up when finished.

  • There are cokes along with ice and coffee bar for your consumption.

  • No animals/ pets allowed.

  • The seesaw/ merry-go-round is for your use, but play with caution (especially children) at your own risk.

  • No joy riding by bicycles, ATVs, UTVs, motorcycles, dirt bikes, etc. on the property or up/down the drive way. Please ride slow when using driveway to keep rocks out of mowed area or onto the county road.

  • Do not drive or park behind the house.

  • No smoking in the house or in the enclosed patio. Please do not throw cigarettes butts on the ground or in the fire pit. If cigarette butts are found in either place it will be a $25 charge per cigarette butt. Also, please do not put non-burnable items in the fire pit.

  • Do not trespass on any private property. Our property boundary is the mowed area.

  • If any damages occur during your stay, you will be responsible for the repairs and billed accordingly.

  • Not responsible for any accidents.

  • At the end of your stay, please put all bagged trash outside on the concrete, leave the used beds unmade, and put used towels/ wash cloths in the downstairs laundry room basket.

  • Do not use inside fire place.

  • The neighbors big black dog wanders around the property sometimes. She is very friendly. She will make her rounds and then go back home. Please ignore her and do not feed her.

    These rules are put in place for your safety so thank you for understanding.
    We hope your stay is peaceful and pleasant.

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