Exceptional Stay , Extraordinary Views


Designed to be a relaxing retreat away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. With its rustic accessories, but newly remodeled style it’s the best of both worlds. With accommodations that can sleep up to 11 guests, a family can spend quality time together or a group of friends can reunite for a weekend filled with fun and love.


A stay at Hilltop Haven is more than just an average stay. Take a tour through this incredible 4 bedroom, 2 bath rental that finds itself located on 7acres up-top a hill that looks out towards the Ouachita Mountains.  You will be inspired to relax, enjoy the view, and welcome the peace that is desired while on vacation. We know you will enjoy the time spent with your family and friends.

Serene setting
a great view
of the mountains

Hilltop Haven is a newly renovated 4 bedroom, 2 bath house that sleeps up to 11 located on 7acres. This makes it perfect for little ones who are energetic and love to run around without the fear of the road/ traffic. It is located in the Ouachita Mountains down a paved road, only two miles from the Wolf Pen ATV North Trail Head.


Special Amenities

Full Coffee Bar

The coffee bar consists of a Keurig with pods, but also a regular coffee pot for both types of coffee drinkers. Plenty of mugs available!

Screened In Patio

This patio is perfect for rainy weather. The windows in the patio open for guests to enjoy the outside weather as well.

Laundry Room

The laundry room is fully stocked with detergent, bleach, dryer sheets, an ironing board, a laundry basket, and a fridge.


Hilltop Haven provides shampoo, conditioner, soap, hand soap, 6 rolls of toilet paper, and multiple towels and wash cloths.

Full Kitchen

The kitchen holds a full stove/oven combo, two sided sink, dish washer, microwave, oven toaster, and an island.

Free Wi-Fi

Hilltop Haven provides all their guests with free Wi-Fi during their stay. It is located to the left of the T.V.

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Hilltop Haven